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How Driven by Drivers Works

No matter where you want to travel to, a local school run for two people, or an international coach trip, Driven by Drivers is designed to work for you.

See the simple steps below.

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Our customers can book in a few simple steps but how does it really work?

The number 1 in a tyre shape

Where do you want to go?

You give us your details.  This way drivers will be able to quote accurately.  Let us know where you're going from and to, and how many people and how much luggage.  It's also helpful to let us know the reason for the journey, for example if it's an airport run our drivers might be able to advise you on leaving times.

A sensible approach to getting you the best price.

We'll check your starting location.  We'll contact our database of drivers and ask them to quote.  We won't just send it to the whole database, if we did that you would end up with higher prices. 

We'll only send it to those that are close to you so you get the best price.

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The number 3 in a tyre shape

Ensuring we care about the environment.

Not only will using drivers close to the starting point reduce your prices, but it will reduce emmissions. 

Our software is cleverly coded to take this into account.  Plus, if a driver is closer to you, there's less chance of them getting stuck in traffic and being late for the pick up it makes sense all round.

Supporting local businesses

Of course, using businesses that are local to the starting point gives people a must better chance of supporting smaller, local businesses and drivers. 

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The number 5 in a tyre shape

After our drivers receive your quote?

We'll pick a small selection from the local area, and they will come up with a quote.  They can't see anyone elses quote, so they are motivated to give the fairest price possible.

Your ride, your way!

We know that price isn't everything.  Maybe you need to be sure of a toilet on your coach, or maybe you want a VIP luxury coach.  Whatever your needs we'll take them down during the quoting process and we'll let the drives know what they are.

The number 6 in a tyre shape
The number 7 in a tyre shape

It's your choice

It's your choice, pick your favourite quote and accept it.  Once you accept it we'll notify our drivers who will then also have to accept the quote. 

Why does our driver also have to accept?  Just in case they have been booked by another party in the interim or something else has come up meaning they can't honour the booking. 

In the off-chance that happens, you will still have a full selection of quotes to choose from.

Driven by Drivers core values

Acting With Integrity

Driver's must act with integrity to be on our platform.  Honour your jobs, and if there are any problems get in touch with the customer as early as possible.

Fair Quotes

Drivers must always charge at the prices they have quoted. 

Fully Insured & Legal

Our operators are all vetted.  Although we are aware of some that work without an operators licence or insurance in our industry we ensure none of these operatives work for us.

Open Communication

Our drivers must communicate openly with customers.  If there is a problem with their vehicle for any reason, we offer our drivers a way to get help from other drivers via our internal network.  The customer must always be informed if this is happening.

Making a Positive Impact

We aim to make a positive impact by reducing carbon emissions but keeping local work, local.  And by reducing the need for expensive airplane trips for national travel.  Or by reducing the cost and any environmental factors for mass travel internationally by use of coach.

Our Guarantee

If our driver can't make the trip we'll get you another one to cover the trip.

Driver and Want to Know More?

Would you believe when you quote you keep 100% of your money.  The price you quote is the amount you'll receive.  Yep, we want you to win too.  No hidden fee,s, no expensive subscriptions.  Join for free.

  • I am a regular user of driven by drivers, always get the best quote great service

    Simon Lane
  • I’ve used driven by drivers for several times now as I always get a local Driver. It’s very good for the environment

    Lizzie Griffiths
  • Great service, hassle free and competitive prices

    Danny Currie

    Become an Operator

    We have a variety of operatives from single drivers in minicabs all the way up to multivehicle operatives. 

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